If you want to indulge in your curiosities and

invest in an experience that will last a lifetime
If authenticity and an experience unlike any other is what you seek, you've come to the right place. 

Who is



Femme Fatale with a Soft Side

I am a multifaceted vivacious woman; an academic, adventurer, lover of all things mischievous, sensual, and delectable.

Equal parts intellectual, playful, and passionate.

You can find me completely lost in a book at a local cafe, presenting at conferences in my area of interest, and if you're lucky enough you just might catch me dancing - fully immersed in a moment of absolute hedonism. Care to join me?

Life is much too short to deny ourselves any pleasures our hearts, minds, and bodies may desire.  
Speaking of which - what is it that you desire?
It might look like sweeping a beautiful woman away for travel, salivating over a decadent meal while my hand grazes yours, dancing the night away with your hand on the small of my back and my hips against yours, or finding excitement and release in the midst of a hectic work week...whatever you desire, I want you to have it.
With me you can feel uninhibited and free in any way that calls to you. Free to explore anything you may want. Free to get in touch with the world around you in a more intimate way.
When you are with me you will be free of all the rules, stigma, and pressure society has placed on you - you will be free to wholly be yourself.
Most importantly, in my company, you will be accepted and welcomed. 

I can't wait to meet you.



© 2020 by Adriana Rose