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I’m a multi-lingual beauty with a quick witted tongue, warm smile that lights up any conversation as if to say 'welcome - I'm so glad you're finally here with me', full lips that beg to be kissed, and deep soulful eyes that will likely have you wondering what mischievous fantasies I have running through my mind. If you're good to me, you just might find out.  If you like your women the way I like my whisky - sultry, sharp, with a delicious depth that lingers beyond the last sip. You will undoubtedly relish in our shared moments.

An intellectual with several degrees and publications outside of my life as Adriana, I can hold my own in a serious conversation I am also typically the first in the room to put others at ease or have the room beaming with laughter. Comfortable in most social and private settings, I am curious by nature and constantly find myself looking for new thrills and connections. I seek out the nooks and crannies of life I've yet to savor.  I love to be adored and admired - and admire in return.

I'm a great match for people of all genders who are seeking adventure, joy, laughter, stimulation, and reprieve. I also love to connect with those who are looking to explore new desires, there's something so exciting about watching someone discover a new side of themselves. I believe we contain multitudes and I want to explore all of mine (and yours). My only goal here is to welcome all versions  of yourself. Gentle. Carnal. Feral. Hard. Vulnerable. Hungry. Powerful. Wherever you are - I will meet you. 

My hope is that together we may experience unforgettable moments full of life, lust, and liberation.

Are you ready for a connection unlike any other you've experienced?

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FAQ Below


Do you see couples and/or women?

I'm bisexual. Yes, really really in the queerest most genuine sense.

 I love to see folks of all genders and love working with couples and those

who are exploring.

Where are you located? 

At the moment I do not work in my home base, but frequent the Bay Area, NYC, and LA (see my twitter for the most recent updates)

Do you accept same day requests?

It is unusual that my schedule will allow for a same day booking, but on the off chance I can accommodate I charge double for same day requests and screening is still mandatory. So if you are the same day type I suggest sending screening information in advance to make sure you get the 'ok' ahead of time.

Screening makes me nervous, is there another way?

Screening is not optional and while I understand the nerves you can see I'm a relatively established provider via my socials. Your information, secrets, and desires are all safe with me.

COVID precautions?

I try my best, I am vaccinated and boosted. I try to be mindful and I still mask in public settings. If I have any symptoms or am aware of any exposures I will reschedule dates for your safety.

Do you allow filming/photos during dates?

No I don't. I however do have selfie/video packages available to established friends with whom I've built trust.

Why do you hide your face in photos?

Unfortunately, stigma is a thing that still exists I wish I could plaster my face all over! To keep it simple; my face is kept private for your discretion and mine. 

Emailing is tedious, can we text instead?

While I recognize this plight and that email can feel more formal than flirty, I promise you'll still enjoy the communications we do have via email leading up to our date. I do not give out my number until trust has been established, additional access to me is earned not given.

Feeling Ready to Schedule a Date?

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