Quien Es Adriana?


I could write something to capture the attention of as many readers as possible, but in order to honor myself and any potential suitors;

I think its best I write as authentically as I can.

I do this in hopes that I will capture the eye of those who are right for me.

I’m a multi-lingual Central American beauty with full lips, a quick witted tongue, soulful eyes, and a warm smile that lights up any conversation as if to say 'welcome - I'm so glad you're finally here with me'.
While I emit warmth and sincerity most wouldn't describe me as humble. I feel that there are far too many women who are told to humble themselves when they should be embracing their feminine power and as such I make it a point to carry my confidence with me at all times. While I may not be described as humble I am often told I am kind, loving, caring, funny, powerful, and above all genuine - in my opinion that is worth more than humility.  
I'm a nerd at heart and voraciously dive into anything engaging that can broaden my understanding of the world. I enjoy philosophy and often ponder how I can add meaning to my own life – and aid others in finding meaning in theirs. 


In my personal life have worked as an activist, clinical researcher, artist, model, fantasy playmaker, and community healer. It's not that I lack focus - it would be much more accurate to say I carry far too much passion to do only one thing in my lifetime. I move through life with absolute gusto and often speak my mind especially when it comes to matters of equity (you can find proof of this on my twitter if you're feeling curious).  I believe we should all be given space for growth, acceptance, and pleasure as these are some of the greatest gifts we've been given as humans. 

I am in my mid twenties. Some days I feel as though I’m still a teenager and others I feel much older than I am. If you haven't picked up on it now it's reasonable to say that depending on the day you find me you may encounter different variations of me, I like to think it keeps things interesting. I constantly find myself looking for new thrills - seeking the nooks and crannies of life I've yet to savor. Oh, to long for something so desirable at your fingertips... so close you can imagine the taste. The daydreaming and fantasizing is perhaps the best part of setting up a date. Waiting and dripping with desire. A close second would follow my belief that each time we connect with someone a different version of ourselves is given permission to emerge… as humans we contain multitudes and I want to explore all of mine (and yours). My only goal here is to welcome all versions  of yourself to show up and take center stage. Gentle. Carnal. Feral. Hard. Vulnerable. Hungry. Powerful. Wherever you are - I will meet you. My hope is that together we can reignite and rediscover parts of ourselves that have not been able to emerge.

That our moments together may fill us with life, lust, and liberation.

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The Lowdown (F.A.Q)

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Do you see couples and/or women?

I'm bisexual so I love to see all genders.
Fun fact: My first experiences were with women! If you still have questions about whether we would be a good match
please reach out.

Where are you located? 

I'm in the heart of San Francisco! However, I am happy to drive to you if that is your preference. 


COVID precautions?

Absolutely! I get tested every 1-2 weeks and I only have three session slots per month in attempt to mitigate risk between clients. That being said I do have a 3 hour minimum to assure the dates I do have are enjoyable for all of us. 

Do you allow filming/photos during dates?

No I don't. I however do have selfie/video packages available to those I know!


Do you accept same day requests?

No, I only accept bookings that contact me at least 72 hours before the requested date.

Screening is mandatory and takes time

Do you tour?

I do not, I have a career and busy personal life as such touring doesn't make sense with my schedule. However, I do offer FMTY!


Why do you hide your face in photos?

Unfortunately, stigma is a thing that still exists I wish I could plaster my face all over! To keep it simple; my face is kept private for discretion purposes. 

Are you college educated?

 I have a graduate degree and have several publications in academic journals if that kind of thing impresses you - you'll love me.

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