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For Those Seeking To Expand the Sensory Experience

For some the idea of experiencing multiple friends at once is a curiosity, for others an insatiable need, and for those in between it may be something to indulge in when the desire comes in a wave so strong they can not help but allow themselves to be swept away by the excitement of it.

Regardless of which category you may find yourself in I am someone who enjoys a variety of dynamics and would be happy to bring a friend along

(or join you and one of yours).


Meet My Friends

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 1.07.13 PM.png

Maya Rose
Los Angeles and San Francisco

Screen Shot 2023-04-21 at 5.29.04 PM.png

Eva Loren
San Francisco

Lucy Harlowe
New York City and San Francisco

Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 12.20_edited.j

Rose Gibson
San Francisco

Celeste Belle
San Francisco


Have a friend of your own in mind? 


fill out my booking form and let me know who you'd like to join us!

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