For Those Seeking To Expand the Sensory Experience

For some the idea of experiencing multiple friends at once is a curiosity, for others an insatiable need, and for those in between it may be something to indulge in when the desire comes in a wave so strong they can not help but allow themselves to be swept away by the excitement of it.

Regardless of which category you may find yourself in I am someone who enjoys a variety of dynamics and would be happy to bring a friend along

(or join you and one of yours).


Meet My Friends

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 1.07.13 PM.png

Maya Rose
Los Angeles and San Francisco


Miles Lee
Los Angeles and San Francisco

Lucy Harlowe
New York City and San Francisco


Rose Gibson
San Francisco

Celeste Belle
San Francisco


Have a friend of your own in mind? 


fill out my booking form and let me know who you'd like to join us!